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At Qualitex Trading, we offer the best-in-class service that empowers customers to directly access Japan's vast network of used car auctions and purchase their desired vehicles. What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency and cost-effectiveness. With us, customers only pay the actual cost of their vehicle, along with expenses directly related to their purchase.

We charge a nominal service fee for total purchase and shipment management, with no hidden charges, extra commissions, or compulsory add-ons. This means that importers worldwide can enjoy the savings of buying vehicles directly from auctions without the costs and effort of operating their own company in Japan.

Qualitex Trading acts as your trusted adviser and agent, handling all your import requirements on a turn-key basis. Our expertise in the industry makes us a leading Automobile Exporter from Japan.

Our operations span across the globe, exporting Japanese used cars to company-owned sales points, wholesale, and retail clients in South America, East Asia, the Caribbean islands, East and South Africa, and beyond.

With a track record of selling and exporting over 3000 vehicles per month, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the used car business.

At Qualitex Trading, we provide an ALL-IN-ONE solution for importing used cars from Japan. Customers can choose from our ready stock of vehicles or place an order for their specific requirements through our auction bidding system. Our team handles everything from locating and purchasing to shipping and custom clearance, ensuring a seamless experience.

We take pride in offering our clients an easy online vehicle purchase system, friendly customer services, and company-managed shipment agents, guaranteeing the best customer experience and hassle-free shipment. Our dedicated online sales representatives are here to guide and assist you throughout the purchase process.

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