Terms and Conditions
  1. All vehicles are sold on 'As-is Where-is' basis.
  2. Customers are requested to settle advance payment latest by 'Payment Date' mentioned on Pro Forma Invoice.
  3. In case advance payment is delayed Qualitex Trading reserves the right to cancel the order.
  4. Vehicles will not be shipped until agreed upon advance payment is received from customer.
  5. Customers are required to settle complete balance against their purchase within two weeks of vehicle’s departure from Japan.
  6. The payment must be credited only in account mentioned on Pro Forma Invoice.
  7. Customer are required to send a copy of T.T (Telegraphic Transfer) to our head office in Japan for account reconciliation.
  8. In the event were balance payment is not credited in our designated account within two weeks of shipment, we reserve the right to cancel such order and advance payment made earlier for the same will not be refundable to client.
  9. Original B/L and other export related documents will be sent to customers only after receipt of full payment as per Pro Forma Invoice.
  10. Cancellation of bought vehicle(s) will incur a cancellation fee.
  11. Qualitex Trading must receive full amount as per Pro Forma Invoice without any bank deductions. All bank deductions must be paid by the customer.
  12. If documents are delayed due to late payment by customer, all expenses occurred on a vehicle such as storage, port or re inspection charges will be borne by customer.
  13. Consignee and notifying party changes are allowed only in certain conditions but additional charges may incur.

Claim Policy

Please review our Claim policy carefully

Purchase on 'As-is Where-is' basis

All vehicles are sold on 'As-is Where-is' basis.
To facilitate customers Qualitex Trading also uploads photos for each car once it is transported to our yard.
Buyer must check the photos carefully and consult sales staff in case of any doubt or confusion before making the final deal.

Qualitex Trading does not accept claims in the following areas:

Maintenance of the following:

wheel alignment, balancing or rotation; wiper blade; engine drive belts; spark plugs; filters; fuses; all batteries; all hoses and clamps; oils, lubricants, fluids, refrigerants and coolants; brake pads and rotors; brake shoes and drums; suspension dampers (shock absorbers/strut elements); exhaust systems; tires.

Defects in car body and interior:

Paint, glass, headlamps, bulbs, mirrors, screens, body & chassis dents, body seals & gaskets, interior & exterior trim, Dash board, moldings, fasteners, upholstery, headliner, carpeting, floor & trunk mats, convertible roof, water leaks, power window, drive noises, wheels, damage due to rust, corrosion, or contamination.

Faults in accessories:

Radio/cassette player, telephone, navigation system, CD changer, or any components of those systems; non-original equipment / parts, components or accessories.

Shipment delay:

No claim will be accepted if shipment is delayed or canceled due to shipping line's re-scheduling. In case of delayed shipment, buyer can demand the refund of the sent amount. Qualitex Trading will refund the amount received without any deduction. Qualitex Trading will also refund the amount, without any deduction, to buyer if Qualitex Trading cancels the shipment for indefinite period.

Damage in Shipment

Qualitex Trading shows the images of the vehicle right after it enters into the yard. Qualitex Trading will not be responsible if damage occurs during the shipment or after the shipment. Customer can request for insurance to cover any possible loses at additional cost.


Qualitex Trading offers no claim if the accessories shown in photos at time of purchase are stolen during the shipment or port of destination.

Vehicle with Inspection Certificates:

All vehicles that are shipped with mandatory 3rd Party Pre-Export Inspection will not be eligible for any claim regarding their condition as it is the responsibility of nominated inspection company to determine if vehicle condition matches import criteria set by that country

Container Shipment:

Qualitex Trading will not accept any claim if vehicle is damaged during the container shipment.

Delivery Delay :

Once the vessel has sailed form Japan Qualitex Trading will not accept any claim for damage arising due to delay at sea.

BL Confirmation:

Please be sure to check Emailed or Faxed copy/copies of Bill of Lading or Way Bill/s for any errors or omissions in detail of Consignee, Notifying party, CFS, In transit clause, Container stripping clause, Vehicles details, Final destination etc. Customers must inform relevant personnel at Qualitex Trading Co. Ltd. of any errors or omissions in shipment documents prior to launch of shipping manifest at destination and within reasonable time to process necessary amendments. Qualitex Trading Co. Ltd will not accept responsibility for any damages, delays or charges that may arise due to incorrect shipment information printed on Original or Surrender Bill of lading / Way Bill where a copy of same was provided to shipper for verification earlier.